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Dishonesty in Network Marketing

Dishonesty In Network Marketing

Ever felt like you were taken for a ride in Network Marketing?  This is more of a story I wanted to share and I am quite sure some of you have been in the same situation.  After serving two decades in the United States Army and venturing into Network Marketing its been quite an experience through the last year.  I take the good with the bad but feel from the bottom of my heart this needed to be shared.  IKeep Reading ►

Pain and Truth In Network Marketing

Pain and Truth in Network Marketing

<=== Share Over Here   I really wanted to share this post and maybe you can relate to it or have experienced the same.  You might even learn from it. Some people are courageous and look at Network Marketing as an outlet to make it a better life for themselves, their family or as a plan B for security.   Pain and Truth In Network Marketing Exposed Yes, I admit that I have spent a good amount of money thatKeep Reading ►

Maintain Your Power at Home Meetings

Maintain Your Power at Home Meetings

I felt like this was a very appropriate post for today and wanted to touch on some ways you can maintain your power at home meetings. When you host a get together or home meetings you never know who might show up and why they might show up.  It’s very important not to get discouraged if you are sharing a business opportunity that your passionate about to other people even though it may not go as planned. At some pointKeep Reading ►

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