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Five Toxic Shampoo Ingredients

Five Toxic Shampoo Ingredients

There are many toxins that can be found in many household shampoos.  The more you research the back of labels for your products it becomes more apparent how many toxins we take in on a daily basis.  I will be listing five toxic shampoo ingredients that were found in a very popular brand of shampoo called Herbal Essences.  The ingredients on this shampoo test will be very common to other household shampoos.  There is no specific order on the ingredientsKeep Reading ►

[WARNING] Toxic Toothpaste

Toxic Toothpaste Sodium Hydroxide

  As many of you know, I am an avid health nut and read labels to insure my family doesn’t get suckered into the fancy label of a product and what they believe might be healthy or safe.  Many times we look at the fancy label on the front since our eyes are naturally glued to the nice graphics and appearance of the label.  We often hesitate to review the real importance of what’s inside the box or bottle by examiningKeep Reading ►

Auto Recruiting Platform Common Questions

Auto Recruiting Platform 1

It’s time to open the book on Auto Recruiting Platform and unravel some common questions.  I have been getting questions each and every day regarding this software and felt it was time to provide some information regarding this business software.  I will break it down into parts so its easier to follow and understand the power of Auto Recruiting Platform and how it can benefit any business. Anyone with a business mindset understands leads are the life blood and knows itKeep Reading ►

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